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We have tried to do surfing of our web-site as much as possible simple, so to order quickly and easily also for people lesser acquainted with on-line shopping. Only doing "5 clicks" you'll get at home all what you wish. Fon any enquire or special request you can send an email at



To put a product in your shopping cart, please select "Add to cart"; to cancel a product, please click the "basket".

All prices are without the delivery, we make a quotation for the shipment after the order. The minimum order are 1 pallet

When you have terminated to put products in your shopping cart, please go on with purchase/terms.

If you are a new buyers, please proceed with subscription, otherwise please insert your username and password.

Then please choose the payment/terms (bank/transfer or credit/card) and select "Order Now".

Now the order has been placed and you will get soon a confirmation in your e-mail/box.

Please, check order's contents and if you have decided to pay by credit/card, you will be transferred on the safe-server of bank BANCA SELLA to fulfil terms.

Within the next 24 hours you will get from us an order/confirmation by e-mail,if you need the delivery we get you a quote and indicate the exact delivery/date.



The payment can be done by bank/transfer or credit/card.

Bank Transfer

You can decide to pay by wire/transfer. The products will be sent you only when our bank will have got the payment on our account. To keep valid the order, you can send us by fax or by e-mail a copy of your bank/transfer. If you are a prefered or gold partner you can decide to pay after 30 days

CREDIT/CARD (coming soon)

It's the fastest and easiest way.

After having confirmed the order, you will be connected on safe and protected way with our bank's server. The whole transaction will follow directly with the safe payment/system "Payment Gateway". The details of your credit/card will be taken from BANCASELLA and encrypted under 128 bit through SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer), which corresponds the highest and best worldwide software for secure commerce transactions.

The accepted credit/cards are as here below: Visa, Visa Electron e Mastercard.



The deliveries will be done within 12h after our order/confirmation.

For the confirmation we need to receive the payment. If you are a prefered or gold partner the the shipment will be immediatly.

The goods' deliveries follow always through our logistic partners: on all the Italian territory the consignments are guaranteed in 24 hours excepted for Sicilia, Calabria and Sardegna (for these three regions, please, consider approx. 48-72 hours).

For all the European Community countries the consignments follow in ca. 48-72 hours.



If you have comments or claims or suggestions on products, on shipping/terms or others, please, write to our e-mail/address:


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